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About Lost Chapter Bookstore

We specialize primarily in collectable books from the Victorian era, typically considered to extend from 1837, the year Queen Victoria ascended to the throne, to 1901, the year of her death. This time period offers interesting collecting possibilities: books with decorative Victorian bindings, both leather and cloth; famous and sometimes infamous authors and illustrators; first edition fiction and nonfiction; classics by such authors as Charles Dickens, Mary Shelly, Bram Stoker, to name a few. Read More


Book Grading System

Every book has it's own web page with scans of the cover, spine, title page and example illustrations or plates. The scans are linked to larger scans so you can get a true feeling for the look. Our pages include a synopsis of the contents and a full disclosure of condition. Read More

First Editions

We are often asked by collectors if a particular title is a first edition. Only if we have verified it through reliable sources will our books state first edition....
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Want Lists

We maintain want lists by very important people, such as you. If you would like to be added to our mailing list and informed when we add new books.....
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This is only a small part of our inventory and there are many more to come, so please bookmark us and check back regularly....
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