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We buy books

We are interested in buying books dated prior to 1899 that are in fine or better condition. We will buy one book or many. We buy books that are wonderful research pieces, but also look great displayed in the parlor or study. Estate sales and dealer closings are always welcome.

Provided the books you have are of reasonable quality and in good condition, we can offer a full, one stop solution for you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a single book or a whole collection of books you want to sell. We are located in Brisbane Asutralia and most of our books are bought from that region. When the value is great enough, we will travel within the stae of Queensland to view your books prior to making an offer.

Books do not have to be rare to interest us. If your book meets our criteria for purchase:

  • Dated prior to 1899
  • Fine or better condition
  • Important research material

Rare books command a premium. While building my personal collection over the years, I have acquired many books of beauty or other qualities of rarity that make them valuable as display objects as well as for research. The criteria I use for deeming a book rare are:

  • Books whose irreplaceability or uniqueness makes them rare.
  • Limited editions of value in respect of content.
  • Important association or autographed copies.
  • First editions of significance.
  • Editions of special note, including pirated and/or surreptitious editions.
  • Books of aesthetic importance, including fine printing, illustration or binding, and special press books.
  • Books with significant manuscript or other materials laid or tipped in.
  • Special collections, containing both rare and non-rare material, whose value is retained by keeping them together.

There are some books we cannot use. Since books we cannot use must be recycled at some expense, we can not accept these types of materials even as a donation:

  • Books dated after 1899
  • Books without covers
  • Water damaged or moldy books
  • Books missing pages
  • Books belonging to or previously belonging to libraries (Ex Library)
  • Encyclopedias or dictionary sets dated after 1850
  • Readers' Digest Condensed Books
  • Older editions of travel guides or other books that come out with new editions each year.
  • Textbooks
  • Newspapers magazines and ephemera

For larger collections and/or inventories we might want to make arrangements to send our buyer to view the books and make you an offer. You may send us a general overview of your books by clicking on the "About Your Book" tab above.

Of course, smaller quantities of books are also of interest to us. If we are interested, we may ask you to ship us the books so we can evaluate them books at our premises. We are a reputable organization and will offer you a fair price for your books.

In the case of a single book where you know what your asking price is, fill out the form "Tell Us About Your Book", located on the tab above. We try to respond to these within 24 hours.

Sending a book to us might not offset the postage you paid for shipping. Please do not send unsolicited books. We cannot accept nor can we be responsible for books sent to us without prior arrangement.

The dealer must pay overhead costs and assume all the risk, so the price quoted to you is typically one-fourth to one-half of what we expect a buyer to pay. We will make an offer on a book ONLY after we have seen the book, either through physical inspection or pictures sent via our form. Our offer includes any shipping costs that might be incurred. If a physical inspection is needed, we will contact you for an appointment. You may also email us at Include the title, publisher, one or two scans or photos and the date the book was printed (if known) in your email.

We pay by company check and provide invoices as required, immediately upon receipt of the book or books. Any offer made stands good for 14 days. We also provide executors of wills or estate lawyers an accurate and detailed accounting of any books purchased.

The question is harder to answer than you may imagine as there is no one definitive guide to determining the value of a book. Like everything collectable, an item is only "worth" as much as someone is willing to pay. "Book values" are relative to many factors: condition of the book, popularity of the author, scarcity or rarity of the printing, availability, and much more.

With the advent and popularity of the internet many of the old pricing methods are no longer valid. What was once a rare book now can be found in abundance on-line. I often spend one or two hours "per book" in research before I decide on a buying or selling price.

To the high-paying collectors, "condition is everything" unless the book is so rare that a copy in good condition is unobtainable. If you are not experienced in determining the correct (although always subjective) way to describe a book's condition, you need to take the books to someone who can look at them. A good used book dealer in your area should be able to help you determine the values, or direct you to someone who can.

If you are willing to do your own research, there are many sites on the internet that can help you determine what book you have and give you a ballpark idea of what others are asking for the same book in varying degrees of condition. This is not necessarily what you will realize in sale of the book though.

You can get some idea of the value of a book by searching on-line databases like Bookfinder, AddAllAbeBooks, or the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of American.

Searching EBay for completed sales of the same book title can also give you an idea or two of how much is being asked for a book. Keep in mind, these books are in "VARYING DEGREES OF CONDITION" and the condition of many books often go from bad to worse. Keep in mind also that these are often "asking" prices and in the world of rare and collectable books, asking prices are almost always negotiable down.

If the books are valuable enough, some dealers may be willing to take them on consignment at an agreed-upon percentage (25% to 50%). Search your local yellow pages for used book dealers in your area.

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