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We have now finished relocating to a suburb of Brisbane Australia (Brendale) and currently only have our books listed here on-line. Eventually we would like to reopen a bricks and mortar store, but until then you may contact us through this page for all your collecting needs.

Use this page too, to tell us of any wants you may have and we will actively persue finding them for you: anything from history to magic, religion to biography and all in between. Though we like to specialize in the Victorian Era, we will look for any book you may have a need of.

If you are interested in selling your books, please see our We Buy Books page for what we do and do not buy. You will find a seperate contact form on the "About Your Book" tab. Please read all information on that page and fill in as much information as you can about your book(s).

For all other requests, including requests for additional information on specific books and international shipping rates, you may contact us through the form below:

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